APA’s style blog

APA is publishing its own blog about the use of the style in the Publication Manual. It’s available via this link and we’ll add it to our blogroll to provide easy reference for others.


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2 responses to “APA’s style blog

  1. Alan Gellin

    I have never understood why, in journal article references, there is no space between the volume and issue numbers [e.g., 8(1)]. In light of APA’s goal to increase readability by reverting back to two spaces after a period, you would think there would be a need to add one space between these two elements, especially since the journal volume number is italicized and leans up against the opening parenthesis! Can anyone explain this seemingly inconsistent practice?

    • Alan, I have no idea why that spacing was adopted. Of course, one only needs to add the issue number if the journal is paginated by issue rather than by volume. Still, that fact does not address the matter that you raise: the proximity to the volume number of the opening parenthesis for the issue number. It sure looks funky on Web pages.

      Thanks for dropping a comment. We hope you voted in the poll.

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