Have your say!

We are pleased to announce the availability of SpaceWaste polls. Click on the link for an individual poll under the heading “Polls” in the right rail.


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3 responses to “Have your say!

  1. Michael Gerber

    I think ecological concerns should supersede conflicting and data-less arguments about readability. Clearly, increasing spacing after a period will increase the carbon footprint of each manuscript. Without countervailing data concerning the benefits, we should guard the climate as a priority.

  2. Lisa

    I prefer one space.

  3. Rick Brigham

    I recall when they went from two spaces (typewriter format) to one space (word processor format). The rationale seemed to be something like the justification options in electronic text make the space issue arbitrary. Given that, it is clear that this is simply a ploy to sell more copies of the manual. I suggest that a more productive debate might be about the number of our better angels who can dance in the spaces between sentences.

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