Other ???

To keep the focus of SpaceWaste on the APA decision to recommend two-spacing after sentence-ending punctuation—where it has always been—yet permit us to address other questions about the changes in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual, we’ve built this page. The purpose of the Other ??? page on SpaceWaste is to promote discussion of concerns about such matters as the changes in the levels of headings, the relaxation of restrictions on the use of virgules, and so forth.

This page serves as a table of contents for subordinate pages where these other questions are examined. Please feel free to suggest topics (or even to contribute a guest-authored page). Please remember, dear readers, that to locate the subordinate pages, one may click on “Other ???” in the the pull-down menu above the banner image or simply use the pages-navigation feature in the right-hand rail.

  1. Headings and outlining
  2. That pesky thingamabob

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