That pesky thingamabob

In the new sixth edition of the Publication Manual, there is no change in the treatment of the use of the virgule. Section 3.09 of the fifth edition appears identical to section 4.11 of the sixth edition.

However, on the blog devoted to the new edition of the manual, under the title “To Slash/Not to Slash–That Is the Question/Quandary,” Ron Teeter provided his view of the appropriate use of the virgule. When I first read the post, I thought it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but on rereading the post, I am pretty sure he’s serious in recommending more frequent use of it.

I just/simply can’t deduce/determine why/whether writers want/decide to insert the shill/slash/solidus/virgule into text/content. Because I want to communicate clearly, I vote against/do not recommend using it. That is, in my role as author, editor, or teacher, I shall continue to adhere to the recommendations of the Publication Manual on this matter.

Link to Mr. Teeter’s post ( permalink for it).


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