We’ll post polls here on SpaceWaste so that readers can express their views about the issues.

Although the PollDadday site doesn’t explain this (at least as far as I learned while checking it), a respondent can only reply once for a given IP address. I tested to see if I could submit a second vote and the count for my vote did not increase, and I got the following message: “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.”

Standard disclaimers about polling data from sources such as this apply. Please do not consider the results of these polls to constitute scientific evidence. The results only reflect the selections that the respondents made at the time of their responses. Who those respondents are, whom they represent, how many times they may have responded, whether their responses might vary over time, and other issues are not known.


One response to “Polls

  1. I learned, contrary to what I was taught earlier in my life, to use 1 space rather than 2 after sentence-ending punctuation–BECAUSE OF WHAT THE APA MANUAL RECOMMENDED. Not only have I learned to write but to read material with one space after the end of a sentence. Even to EDIT for such spacing. I see no reason to change it back.

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